Industry 4.0 is already a reality in many factories that seek through this digital transformation for better results, cost reduction, and process optimization. These are just some of the benefits of embracing this model that connects efficiency with productivity.

For Texpak, a manufacturer of cardboard tubes, joining Industry 4.0 had a positive impact on the company's daily operations, increasing machine efficiency by more than 6%. This is because Texpak invested in the automation of its processes through an IoT solution implemented by AUTOMATIZE, which is a Digital Solutions Provider for WEG.

AUTOMATIZE, a specialist in industrial automation products and services, developed a customized system for Texpak using the Wegnology IoT platform for factory data connectivity and integration with the management environment.

In total, 14 machines, distributed in two of the customer's plants, were connected to the cloud application through the Edge Computing Device model WCD-ED300, which allows real-time monitoring of the machines and more informed decision-making in cases where abnormal situations are encountered in the operation.

With the positive results achieved, new solutions are already being developed for other areas of the factory, demonstrating confidence in AUTOMATIZE solutions and WEG's connectivity platform and hardware.

AUTOMATIZE is ready to assist in implementing Industry 4.0 in various segments through WEG's digital solutions.