WEG announces the establishment of its new transformer plant in the United States. Located in Washington, state of Missouri, where the company already counts on two other factories in operation since 2017, the new manufacturing plant had investments in the range of US$17 million and will be dedicated to the production of power transformers up to 10 MVA and voltage up to 46 kV. 

As stated by Carlos Diether Prinz, Managing Director of WEG T&D, the new plant is part of the Company's strategy to expand its production capacity to supply the North American industrial market. "With this new structure, we will allow WEG to be incorporated into the transformers market called Large Step-Up/Down Pad-Mounted Transformers, Secondary Unit Sub-Station Transformers and Small Power Transformers, with a focus on industrial customers, and substantially increase our production capacity of transformers used by the traditional electric energy utilities and by the electric energy generation parks through renewable sources, such as wind and solar”, says Mr. Prinz. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and modern processes and handling systems, the new manufacturing plant counts on 14,700 square meters of manufacturing facilities, on a 54,400 square meters of available area. 

WEG has four other transformer plants in North America, two in the United States and two in Mexico. In terms of workforce, the company employs 1290 people in these five operations dedicated to the energy transmission and distribution segment in that region. “Our manufacturing plants are strategically located geographically, allowing us to offer a wide range of transformers up to 500 MVA – 550 kV not only for the North American market, but also for Central America”, explains Mr. Prinz. 

WEG serves additional strategic Transmission and Distribution markets from seven other manufacturing plants located in Brazil, Colombia and South Africa.