Today, June 18, the Governor of the state of Santa Catarina, Mr. Carlos Moisés, visited WEG´s new pulmonary ventilators manufacturing plant in Jaraguá do Sul, that are intended for Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Accompanied by the WEG's President, Harry Schmelzer Jr., the Governor was very pleased to greet and thank all employees involved in the manufacture of the said equipment. The Governor stressed that the work of more than 100 WEG employees dedicated day and night to the manufacture of ventilators is already saving lives in Santa Catarina.

I feel very happy to be here and I am sure you are a true demonstration of what Santa Catarina has to offer: its people. Here we can see the value of Santa Catarina and the outstanding work performed by its people. The company reinvented itself and showed everyone that it is possible to do different. You are not just working, you are saving lives", said Mr. Moisés.

So far, WEG has delivered 270 pulmonary ventilators to the Government of Santa Catarina and by the end of June the company will be delivering another 230 pieces. WEG also signed a contract to supply 950 pulmonary ventilators to Brazil´s Ministry of Health.

The Governor was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Amandio João da Silva Jr., the State Secretary of Health, Dr. André Motta Ribeiro and the Secretary of Communication, Gonzalo Pereira. The State Deputy, Vicente Caropreso and the President of ACIJS, Luis Hufenussler Leigue, also participated in the visit. Luis took the opportunity to request support from the Governor for the construction of the BR-280 highway and for the qualification of the hospital São José of Jaraguá do Sul to perform cardiovascular medical services by SUS (Brazil´s National Health System).