WEG SA (B3: WEGE3 / OTC: WEGZY) announces to its shareholders and the general market that, due to the advances of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been taking protective and preventive measures in order to preserve the integrity of its employees and minimize, as much as possible, any impacts on its operations.

Among the measures adopted internally, determined by the Company's Management, the following stand out:

• Daily monitoring of the development of the situation in all units of the Group and conducting the necessary preventive measures;

• Effective communication with employees;

• Suspension of National and International travel;

• Adoption of quarantine according to the criteria established by the Ministry of Health;

• Conducting meetings and contacts by phone and / or video conferences, and implementation of other remote technologies;

• Postponement of workshops and internal training with large concentrations of people;

• Limiting visitor access to the company's facilities;

• Adoption of the home office system for part of the administrative employees in the operating units in Brazil, in both national and international offices.

The Company informs that, to date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 among its employees and that its units continue to operate, both in Brazil and abroad. However, the Company cannot guarantee that it will not be impacted in the future, since it is exposed to operational risks arising from the health of its employees or third parties, as well as being subject to any legal and force majeure restrictions that may be imposed due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

The Company reiterates its commitment to the safety of its employees and other stakeholders and will keep the market informed of any new relevant information on the subject.