Seeking to serve different segments of the Indian industry with quality and high efficiency, WEG releases a new line of industrial motors: WIN, a name that combines the strengths of WEG and India and translates into the success of this product.

The motors of the WIN line are manufactured locally, meeting the BIS certification according to the market requirements, and feature the exclusive WISE (WEG Insulation System Evolution) for operation with a VSD as default. They have a robust frame, aerodynamic design and all WEG innovation and quality recognized worldwide.

Productivity, performance and reliability

With a wide power range, solid feet for less vibration and better thermal dissipation in the bearings that extend their service life, the motors of the WIN line are ideal for pumps, fans, rice mills and other applications. They are versatile and reliable motors to meet the demands of different market segments, such as food and beverage, mining, steel and textiles.

Available in frames 71 to 355, they offer excellent performance and IE2 and IE3 efficiency levels. In addition, they have optional accessories such as thermistors and flanges.

WIN. A motor line that combines technological expertise and production excellence. From India for winners.

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