Four substations located in Barranquilla, which are scheduled for commissioning in the coming months, will be supplied with seven WEG transformers, six of them in the range of 30MVA at 110kV, and one unit in the range of 50MVA at the same voltage. Regarded as essential for the substation operation, all transformers will be permanently connected.

This supply to INGEMA directly impacts the local development as the final customers AIR-E and AFINIA seek to improve the indicators and energy supply for the northern coast of Colombia, through the expansion of the capacity of energy transformation and distribution. Benefit of that is the improved reliability of the electricity grid. 

"INGEMA is a key construction company in Colombia and this partnership opens the door for future WEG project negotiations, which will further strengthen our presence in the country and in Latin America. “Effective communication, values and professionalism define our partnership with WEG, in addition to having contributed to my knowledge and skills learning curve, bringing confidence and meeting expectations at every stage of the acquisition process. We thank WEG for being part of the electricity sector transformation on the Atlantic coast, benefiting and providing comfort to each of the Barranquilla residences” said Andrea Cantillo, INGEMA´s Electromechanical Coordinator.