From May 22 to 24, WEG participated as the main sponsor of the Europump Annual Meeting 2024, which took place at the De Vere Beaumont estate in the United Kingdom. The event, organized by the British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA), brought together the leading pump manufacturers and suppliers in Europe to establish connections and discuss industry trends, with a series of meetings and presentations on the subject.

In addition to being a sponsor, WEG also addressed important topics for the sector, such as internal programs related to sustainability and the products and solutions that support the decarbonization and reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions of its partners. Among these, the most recent launch to optimize resources in energy efficiency projects is the WEGSEE+ software.

Daniel Marteleto Godinho, WEG's Director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability, gave a presentation focused on WEG's sustainability strategy, the WEG Carbon Neutral program, and solutions for reducing energy consumption and decarbonizing customers. Martin Brand, Director of Engineering at the Automation Unit at WEG, also commented on the manufacturing and engineering of products, including low and medium voltage inverters, panels, and solar energy, presenting successful cases in companies that use WEG solutions in their applications.

As a long-time supporter of BPMA and Europump, WEG demonstrates its role in developing good relationships with pump manufacturers globally, and the participation in the Europump Annual Meeting 2024 is a way to reinforce WEG's expertise in developing technological and sustainable solutions for the pump industry.