Generating energy for a city can be a great challenge, even more so when dealing with the need to sustain energy demand in high season periods, as happens in main tourist cities. A reliable power source is a critical element for these cities to meet the energy demands during certain seasonal periods. In order to be prepared for it, the city of Paraty, located in Brazil, is increasing its substation capacity by another 7.5 MVA.

The energy will be provided by Geraforte gensets and they have selected WEG as the alternators supplier for this project. Also, it is a result of WEG experience in power generation business that has already produced over 40,000 MW of power in alternators.

The project consists of 10 gensets of 750 kVA each and five of them are already under operation. One of the highlights of the project is the installation of the gensets which is inside 40-foot super acoustic containers, over 12 meters long and eight tons each.

Recognized as a tourist destination for thousands of people every year, the city of Paraty stands out nationally for its historical and cultural heritage, will now be more prepared to receive tourists with the partnership of the expertise of WEG and Geraforte solutions.