A partnership between WEG and the OEM - Pnevmaticheskie sistemy became a great reference for the company in the Russian market in the railroad segment with the supply of over 180 helical worm (MAS line) and parallel shaft (MAS and WG20 lines) geared motors, ranging from 0.18kW up to 3kW.

The final equipment driven by the WEG geared motors were supplied to the end user Tverskoj Vagonostroitelnyj Zavod (TVZ, manufacturer of train cars) by the OEM company who designed and produced the metal constructions for automatic welding scaffoldings as well as welding manipulator mechanisms.

For WEG this is an outstanding opportunity to participate in the railroads segment and to get actually involved with the described applications as well as to show the customers the reliability of WEG solutions. Currently, the OEM is satisfied with the supplied geared motors and has been cooperating with WEG on new ongoing projects related to the train cars manipulators installed in Zone 2 + 22 areas.

Pnevmaticheskie sistemy came to be a regular WEG customer, after the first supplies in the beginning of 2017. Nowadays, the OEM is loyal to WEG, visits WEG on a regular basis to discuss further opportunities and makes good volumes for gearboxes and geared motor product ranges.

For the end user TVZ, the performance and capacity have increased and they are able to handle and process bigger volumes of train cars during the manufacturing process. All supplies made to him are related to factory increasing capacity and refurbishing old equipment.

Product quality, flexibility and price were the key points for the customers to select WEG and for the success of the project.

For 2019, orders of 24 pieces of Watt Drive MAS Helical worm brake geared motors for Zone 2 + 22 (ATEX Zone) + 24 pieces of Watt Drive WG20 Parallel shaft brake geared motors for Zone 2 + 22 (ATEX Zone) are already confirmed.

The WEG Branch team keeps visiting the customers on a regular basis to monitor the implemented solutions in operation and strengthen business relationship.