Image: Volvo Cars Latin America

Volvo Car Brazil announces the inauguration of the largest charging hub for electric and hybrid vehicles in Latin America. With the supply of WEMOB - WEG Electric Mobility solutions, the facility has state-of-the-art technology and the capacity to recharge 80 vehicles simultaneously in the São Paulo Corporate Towers, where the brand-new office is located.

The charging stations of the WEMOB line – Parking model, present in the charging hub, are composed of intelligent stations approved by Volvo Car Brazil, the total power of the hub is 880 kW, the highest in relation to corporate facilities. Each equipment has a capacity of up to 22 kW, configured at 11 kW, to service the entire line of electric vehicles, including other brands. This capacity will allow users to recharge quickly and safely, guaranteeing greater autonomy for their vehicles while they work.

“Electrification has gained more and more strength and popularity among Brazilians. The automotive market has presented several innovations in the segment and understood that this technology is here to stay. The fact of being able to charge and give your car more autonomy while you work is just one of the features and benefits of electrification. As a pioneer brand in the segment, we understand the importance of providing this comfort to more and more people”, emphasizes Marcelo Godoy, Finance and Charging Infrastructure Operations Director at Volvo Car Latin America in Brazil.

One of the main differentiators of charging stations is their Internet connectivity, which adds smart features and allows remote management of charging and wireless updates. With this, the charging hub seeks to offer a more comfortable and safer experience. Through mobile applications, charging control and user identification are carried out in a practical and intuitive way.

Some of the charging stations also have LCD screens, which provide real-time information about the process, including date, duration, instantaneous power, and energy delivered per recharge and accumulated. This data is stored in non-volatile memory, allowing users to track the charging history of their electric vehicles over time.

“It is a great pleasure to participate in this movement towards a more efficient and sustainable world. Together with Volvo Car Brazil and other partners involved in this project, we are contributing to a significant change in the way we travel, take care of our planet and think about the future of the next generations”, adds Carlos Bastos Grillo, Managing Director of WEG Digital and Systems.


The new charging center not only benefits electric car users, but is also designed to minimize the environmental impact of its construction. Faced with this challenge, the company BeGreen, responsible for installing the hub, sought sustainable solutions and chose to use more than 800 liters of water-based paint. This choice results in a significantly lower environmental impact compared to solvent-based paints.

“Being part of this project was an incredible challenge for BeGreen. We involved a team of 31 professionals, working tirelessly for 29 consecutive days, in three shifts, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 24/7. We used 29,000 meters of cable and 4 tons of copper, we painted 80 spaces and we covered 1000 square meters with more than 800 liters of water-based paint, aware of the positive environmental impact of this choice. We look for sustainable alternatives, such as the correct separation and disposal of materials, exemplifying with the cables, where we separate the plastic from the copper and send each one to its proper disposal. This project reinforced our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We thank VOLVO and the other project partners for their valuable contribution to sustainable mobility”, explains Kauê Brunetti Angeli, CEO of BeGreen.

With sustainability in mind, the charging stations are also recyclable and have protection against UV rays and flame-retardant treatment, guaranteeing greater durability and safety.

"Offering the largest charging hub in Latin America is in line with the commitments of São Paulo Corporate Towers, which has always been a reference in efficiency, sustainability and technology in constant search for excellence", comments Eduardo Crastechini, Commercial Manager.

The São Paulo Corporate Towers is a project committed to the future. From conception to construction, the project is in line with the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council, presenting the highest levels of energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition, it was the first Brazilian development to obtain the LEED® Platinum 3.0 Core and Shell certification, which categorizes buildings that have Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

“Changing offices had to be a very assertive decision and São Paulo Corporate Towers reflects all our commitments and values. Bringing the Volvo Car Latin America office to the São Paulo Corporate Towers reinforces our idea of becoming a responsible company with respect to environmental issues”, says Luis Rezende, head of Volvo Car Latin America.