Time is money”, said Benjamin Franklin, and this is even more evident on programed shutdowns. In an increasingly competitive and constantly changing environment, an excellent maintenance management, flexibility and knowledge are essential. The planned purchase, which is, the anticipated purchase of parts and maintenance services, allows a quick service and enables the delivery of equipment within the established terms with quality assurance, from disassembly to commissioning tests.

The main benefits of Planned Maintenance are: operational reliability, cost reduction, less time in field assembling, improvement in the machines’ efficiency, contributing substantially to the continuous quality and safety improvement and increased availability in turbines, gearboxes, medium and large generators and motors.

Good manufacturing, maintenance and overhaul practices are frequent at TGM, aiming to extract the maximum utilization and operational availability of each equipment, both TGM and other brands.

Highlighting its commitment, TGM promotes a differentiated service and apply total reliability in the work performed to raise the profitability levels of the plants in the 2021 harvest.

Based on its global and decades-long experience, TGM enables an efficient planned shutdown, with services for prevention, recovery, modernization and replacement of parts, increasing the equipment lifetime, profitability and reliability of your company.