Corn ethanol is a clean energy source which, compared to traditional fossil fuels, minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases. Besides that, it has several applications, the most common is the use as a biofuel and its frequent presence in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

To meet the requirements of this market, WEG offers a wide range of solutions in electrical equipment, automation and paintings. In this way, WEG supplied a generator for the plant expansion project, in which the equipment will be used for energy generation in the corn ethanol process. 

The solution was designed to replace the existing equipment in operation, aiming at increasing efficiency and performance of the plant. The supplied generator was designed to duplicate the existing output capacity, allowing the customer to sell the surplus energy.

Another challenge which have become a benefit, was that, besides the generator with double output power, was the interchangeability in the installation of the new equipment without the necessity of changes in the civil and mechanical infrastructure, reducing necessary time and resources, as well as minimizing the operational time out during the installation. 

This supply reinforces WEG flexibility and expertise to meet customer requirements, bringing confidence and productivity.