The results for the first quarter of 2022 confirm the good sales performance in the company’s main lines of business. This move also reinforces our strategic direction of developing products and systems with greater added value for our customers and partners has proven increasingly efficient.

In Brazil, the growing quest for renewable energy generation sources and good industrial demand has provided revenue growth. Both in the short-cycle business, with highlights on distributed solar generation (DG), and in the long-cycle, focusing on wind generation and transmission line projects to connect new energy generation sources to consumer centers.

In the foreign market, industrial activity remains strong, mainly in sales of industrial equipment to important segments such as oil & gas, mining, and pulp & paper. We presented revenue growth in our main markets as a result of our good products availability and our ability to meet our customer’s needs.

We continue to benefit from structurally favorable conditions in our markets, seeking to seize every opportunity. We believe that our long-term vision business model, diversification of products and solutions, together with our global presence, help us not only to expand our range of opportunities but also to minimize risks and uncertainties in times of political and economic turbulence such as what we are living today.

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