WEG is supplying five 1000kVA, 15kV dry-type transformers to Eskimó Ice Cream industry, a prominent company in the ice cream and popsicle segment in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The transformers will be used in the substation and are essential to support the increased production capacity, playing a significant role in the customer's electrical infrastructure.

Dry-type transformers are equipment that use ambient air as a cooling medium, as well as for insulation of their windings and other components. Their main function is to adjust primary voltage levels to those used in industries, residences, and general enterprises.They are fundamental solutions for the efficient and safe operation of the substation, ensuring reliability and efficiency for the stability of the electrical system.

The delivery of these equipment is scheduled for May 2024 and will be carried out directly to the customer's factory. WEG's logistics expertise will ensure safe transportation and integrity of the equipment during transit.

This supply, reinforces WEG’s commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions for its customers, regardless the size of the company, contributing to the continuous success of their operations and, in this case, to the growth of the food & beverage sector.