WEG Electric Machinery, one of the manufacturing sites in the US, just delivered 2 large synchronous motors for a customer in the oil and gas industry; meeting their need for quality and reliable products with fast delivery. 

The motors are rated for 2850HP 360 RPM 4160V, protected by a WPII (pressurized) type enclosure, and equipped with a custom engineered baseplate. 

This Oil & Gas refinery is located in the south western US, this location provides its own unique on-site environmental conditions. The WPII enclosure will protect the electric parts of the motors from the harsh environmental conditions like airborne particles, moisture, and dirt.

One motor will be applied into a reciprocating compressor application. This motor will be replacing the current motor installed on-site. The second motor is a stand-by machine in case a replacement is needed.

One of the main benefits of having a custom engineered baseplate is ease of installation. The installation of a new motor with a custom baseplate is simplified for the customer and allows the customer interchangeability with spare motors. The new motor installed will not require the customer to perform new construction works at the facility to integrate the machine. The base plate also provides to customer ease and simplicity when it comes time to ship.