Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderón recently inaugurated the Cogeneration Plant of Tres Valles. The plant is located in the community of Tres Valles and will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by over 3.6 million tons annually. “If the refineries of the country use this technology, we can reduce the emission to a quantity equivalent to removing 70 thousand cars from the streets a year” explained President Calderón.

The state-of-the-art technology of this plant which uses WEG equipment in its generation system has been awarded the Innovation Prize by Mexico’s National Science and Technology Council.

WEG supplied: a generator of 40MW, the panels and control centers for medium and low-voltage motors, the automation and supervisory control, including the substation turnkey project.

The objective of this project is to obtain a more efficient use of resources, maximizing the employment of sugarcane bagasse in order to reduce operational costs and promote the generation of clean energy upon the replacement of conventional hydrocarbon-based fuels.