WEG has supplied 28 motors to DS SMITH's Portuguese subsidiary, located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Leader in sustainable packaging solutions, paper products and recycling services, DS SMITH relied on WEG to implement a new expansion and renovation project for their facilities.

In total, 27 units of W22 motors and 1 unit of the W51 HD line, with IE4 efficiency and power ratings ranging from 5.5 to 450kW were supplied for this project. These motors will be responsible for driving the company's paper fiber machine.

The W22 line stands out for its low energy consumption, which allows a reduction of the total cost of ownership for the industry, ensuring an excellent cost-benefit ratio and, consequently, greater productivity. The W51 HD line, on the other hand, delivers more power to the customer, occupying less space. These High-Density motors are compact and customizable, offering the best power-to-frame ratio, meeting the new needs of the market and easily adapting to the most demanding segments, ensuring the best performance and greater durability.

The motors in this project were also fitted with WMFM (WEG Motion Fleet Management), a technology that allows the monitoring of the operational status of low and medium voltage electric motors, inverters and soft-starters, intelligent relay starting systems, gearboxes, gearmotors, compressors and other assets, that are applied in many different types of industries and installations.

This success-case is the result of the good relationship cultivated over the past years between the two companies. For WEG, this supply symbolizes the strengthening of its positioning in the paper industry