Traditionally recognized as a global supplier of electric and electronic stand-alone products and systems to the industry, the WEG Group through its Coating Business Division, which is dedicated to the production of industrial coating, automotive refinishing and varnishes for a wide variety of applications, is providing the market with increasingly sustainable coatings. 

The composition of these coatings do not contain the so-called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) nor heavy metals. The fact of not containing these components contributes to the reduction of environment pollution, the ozone layer damage, the impact on the eco-system as well as lower risks to the health of painters and society in general.

Following this trend, WEG offers high solids and water-based powder and liquid coatings for different applications and environments, upon production of a wide variety of colors and finish glossiness. Additionally, the company produces powder coatings that do not require solvents with low pollution level during the production process. Specific heavy metal-free painting line is also included in the company production portfolio, which is known as W-ECO Powder Coatings. W-ECO coatings are eco-friendly powder coatings that have been rigorously tested to meet NBR NM 300-3: 2004 Brazilian Standard, and RoHS that is commonly adopted by the European Union. Typical applications of these W-ECO coatings are for schools and students furniture, toys, household materials, in addition to general purpose machines and equipment.

The production of sustainable liquid coatings is achieved with the applications of water-based component instead of solvent-based component, as well as in high solid products since that contain small amount of solvents in their composition, resulting in major reducing of pollution level. Segments that can benefit from these improvements include floors, identifications of lanes, farm and highway machinery, automobile parts and components, general purpose machinery and equipment, automotive repairs.

WEG also offers the W-POXI HIDRO AVA 413 NOBAC liquid coating line, which besides being a water-soluble finish, combines the epoxy resistance to the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of the NOBAC line. This special water-based decorative coating provides an excellent finishing and prevents from occurring undesired dirt stained coating due to its superior chemical resistance. This type of coating is mainly used mainly used in environments where high protection against fungi and bacteria is required, such as in hospitals, offices, school rooms, avoiding problems for allergic people.