Developed with an automatic brush lifting control system, the three-phase induction wound-rotor motors are ideal for operating in severe environments, such as cement plants that operate with a solid aggregate grinding process. In addition, this equipment is easily interchangeable with other motors, avoiding the need for modifications in the customer’s current installations.

Consolidating the presence of large equipment in the cement segment, WEG supplied a Master Line motor, frame size 630, output power 2,170 kW, 8 poles and 6,600 V to a multinational cement company in Colombia.

The motor will be driving the ball mill in the cement plant and guarantees the client less downtime for maintenance due to brush wear, since now the brushes will be in contact with the rings only when the motor starts.

With the use of modern software, which guarantees precision in the project, maximum performance of these motors can be obtained. The optimized design, the excellent quality of the materials used and the rigorous quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process allow WEG motors to be used in various segments.

This is the WEG efficiency at the service of the most demanding markets, present all over the world.