WEG has a diversified product portfolio for hydropower applications and has recently supplied the turbines and generators for the Itapocuzinho IIA Small Hydro Power Plant located in Jaragua do Sul/SC. This power plant has an installed capacity of 11.7 MW and was commissioned earlier this year with two 6,000 kW Pelton turbines (3 nozzles) and two 6,500 kVA (6.9 kV / 720 rpm) synchronous generators.

This hydropower complex has a net head of almost 370 meters and is composed by a dam, tunnel, penstock and powerhouse that were built respecting the geological conditions in the region.  

The basis for a successful project begins with the selection of suppliers and service providers, established on the basis of the company’s quality, technical and administrative capacity, and WEG stood out in these requirements. When we had analyzed the selection criteria described above, WEG stood out for its know-how and experience with Pelton turbines and generators used in projects with high heads. In addition to being a solid global company, WEG remains at the forefront of technology, striving to provide quality equipment with a state of the art manufacturing process and also an outstanding after service”, explains Fábio Rigatti responsible for this project (Project Manager - VACCARO Construction Company).

The products supplied by WEG have contributed to the project return on investment minimizing the risks, meeting the deadlines and delivering high quality products that improve the plant reliability with low maintenance costs.