WEG has developed an innovative coating for use in highly corrosive environments, providing greater durability to assets and increasing the lifespan by up to four times compared to current technologies. This coating technology, already being tested and applied in some offshore platforms, replaces traditional coatings, simplifying equipment and structure maintenance where applied and offering significantly greater resistance compared to currently adopted protective plans.

The first offshore maintenance projects with the new technology are already underway, and tests confirm the performance of the new line marketed by WEG under the brand WrapX®. Two years of research and investments exceeding R$ 1.5 million, in addition to equipment, performance tests, and technical training, have been dedicated to this development.

The WrapX® line uses high-performance elastomeric coatings that extend the integrity of the asset. In the case of valve and flange maintenance, which require constant interventions, the products can be easily removed and reapplied. According to Rafael Guerreiro Torezan, WEG Tintas Managing Director, WrapX® "allows the release of large areas where it will be applied in a few hours, unlike current processes where asset maintenance extends over several days." He adds, "it is a sustainable technology with a 100% solid content, and in addition to the oil and gas sector, it can be applied in other environments with severe corrosion, such as mining, steel, and pulp and paper."

The application was developed with the support of the Materials & Corrosion Technologies area of Petrobras' Research and Innovation Center (Cenpes), which encourages technology development in the country by fostering initiatives focused on innovation and sustainability.