A three-phase oil transformer – 225 MVA, 275 kV – will play an outstanding role in the distribution of energy at Tealing Grind substation, of Scottish Hydro-Electric Transmission Ltd., in Scotland, one of the largest Utilities in Europe.

With 241 tons, this is the largest transformer exported by WEG, so far and it was specifically designed for Nokian Capacitors, a company of the Areva group, which develops and manufactures systems for compensation of reactive power and harmonic filters (closely linked to the quality of the power supply) and one of the main references about energy supply all over the world. The transformer was developed for a special application, Static Var Compensation, a specialty of Nokian Capacitors, and complies with international quality and engineering standards, besides specific features required for such application.

In practical terms, the Static Var Compensation is used in power transmission lines and helps to eliminate fluctuation voltage problems caused by sudden power oscillation and defects in transmission lines, among other variables which can affect the quality of the supply. "These products help reducing the oscillation voltage and distortions in the system", says Fernando Rodolfo da Silva, the Contract administrator of the International Sales Department. Besides the 157 tons of the main transformer tank, the equipment also has seven more loads of accessories. All the assembly works at the substation was supervised by technical team of WEG.