In a significant advancement for the management of water pumping systems and the reinforcement of water security in Rio de Janeiro, Águas de Juturnaíba, the water concessionaire responsible for wastewater collection and treatment in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Araruama, Saquarema, and Silva Jardim in the Lakes Region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, relied on state-of-the-art technology supplied by WEG to monitor key assets in this vital water supply infrastructure.

The partnership between WEG and the concessionaire allowed for the integration of Motor Scan and WEG Gateway solutions, both connected to the WEG Motion Fleet Management (MFM) platform, for remote monitoring and diagnosis of structural faults, as well as anticipating bearing failures.

With excellent results obtained through these solutions, such as gaining approximately 5,000 more hours of equipment operation, increasing reliability by over 12 percentage points, reducing transportation costs to facilities, and enhancing predictive maintenance, among other achievements, Águas de Juturnaíba was nominated as a finalist for the National Sanitary Quality Award (PNQS) ABES, in the PGA Category - Environmental Sanitation Asset Management.

The Motor Scan is a device that automatically sends information to the cloud through the Gateway connection, allowing for immediate remote monitoring of the performance of electric motors. This enables the early detection of issues and failures, facilitating preventative maintenance actions, avoiding unplanned downtime, and optimizing the overall system performance.

The integration of these technologies into the MFM management platform provides a comprehensive view of water pumping systems, allowing maintenance and operations teams to have a deep understanding of asset operations. This, in turn, facilitates decision-making, as engineers and operators can access accurate information about the status of motors and system efficiency.

With this initiative, WEG and Águas de Juturnaíba are improving Rio de Janeiro's water and sanitation infrastructure, ensuring a continuous and reliable water supply to the population.

About the award:

The National Sanitary Quality Award (PNQS) ABES is an important and unique award in the sector worldwide, created by CNQA (National Quality Committee ABES), to promote continuous improvement, recognize successful experiences, and promote the exchange of best practices in the sector.