During the second week of May, WEG received, at the Hheadquarters’ in Jaraguá do Sul, a group of 52 middle school students and teachers from Johannes Gutenberg Polytechnic School of Paraguay.

Every year since 1995, a group of students and teachers from Gutenberg School comes to Brazil to visit different companies and Universities from the northern region of Santa Catarina and WEG is one of the companies they visit.

These educational trips are a fantastic and solid source of learning, since the different experiences the students have with technological innovations, manufacturing facilities, production process operations in different types of companies, along with close contacts with the University personnel are highly beneficial for their school learning programs.

Following Gutenberg´s educational philosophy, this activity is carried out with all grades and courses where the students work, in different activities, within a system of savings programmed in each level, which allows them to reach the desired goal, successfully ending up with an unforgettable trip to Brazil.

In the timeline of Record Electric history, the company has been playing an essential role between Gutenberg and WEG, while promoting these educational trips to WEG. 

Because of such initiative, several students from Gutenberg Polytechnic School have already worked at Record Electric and many remain there. This same story has already happened at WEG where Gutenberg students who started working for Record, through an exchange program in Brazil, ended up working at WEG.

In addition to enjoying a detailed factory tour at WEG in Jaraguá do Sul, this year´s visit combined with the celebration of Gutenberg´s 30th Anniversary of the foundation. As a sign of recognition, Gutenberg representatives granted WEG a gratitude plaque for the non-stop support that the company has provided them during these years.