Similarly to what was done in New York middle of June, WEG hosted the 5th WEG Day on June 20th and 21st, 2018 in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil. This event is dedicated for investment analysts and institutional investors all over the country. In addition to attending presentations about WEG, the attendees had the chance to interact with the company's top executives, visit the WEG Museum of Science and Technology and join a factory  tour at WEG Automation facilities.

Over 70 investors and analysts from all over Brazil attended the event where they learned about WEG innovation process, product development and new technologies.

"To be close to investors and market analysts has been a priority for WEG. Being able to show them what the company does is a great opportunity to offer them support to make investment decisions. This year we prepared an agenda focused on updating business and strategy, both for Brazil and overseas”, says Paulo Polezi, WEG's Finance and Investor Relations Director.

WEG Day has taken place in Brazil for five years now. This year the event was taken to an extended target audience, being also held for the first time in New York (USA) on June 12.

Presentations can be downloaded at