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WEG Solution for Mega Water Pumping at São Francisco River

Two x 5500kW 6900V 16 pole synchronous WEG motors coupled to a global pump manufacturer provided a solution at EBV-3 Pumping Station of t... Know more


WEG motors and drives play key role in Lille’s new wastewater treatment plant

Lille’s new facility comprises two separate treatment trains, one for wastewater and one for stormwater. Know more


WEG Repairs a Critical Motor Supplying Water to São Paulo

Motor Service provided by WEG for SABESP ensured a continue water supply for over nine million people. Know more


WEG Products Guarantee Water Supply to one of the Largest Cities in the World

Critical water levels increased 18% at Cantareira Reservoir with the installation of water pumps driven by WEG solutions. Know more


WEG Motors help bring water to region in Turkey badly hit by drought.

Project to make the fifth largest tunnel in the world Know more


WEG W22 high efficiency motors chosen for driving pumps & blowers in new prestigious €21.5M water treatment plant

WEG W22 high efficiency motors are providing energy saving operation on 100 pumps and blowers – some up to 160kW - in a major new waste w... Know more


WEG Motors in service of the environment in Egypt

Brazilian technology is helping to reduce the environmental impact. Know more


WEG Frequency Inverters & Soft Starters provide high efficiency and energy saving at Algerian desalination plant

WEG is a key supplier to Spanish consortium constructing Tlemcem-Honaine plant Know more


WEG in the world’s largest irrigation project

India is getting ready to receive another 64 large sized motors from WEG. Supplying is part of the second stage of the HNSS irrigation pr... Know more

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