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WGM Motors: Water jacket Cooled

Developed to provide cooling through water flow on the end bells and around the frame allowing an increase on the horsepower / weight rat... Know more


Motors in Australian Desert

The Fortescue Metals Group’s Cloudbreak mine site and Herb Elliot Port in Port Hedland, Western Australia is almost completed. 24 WEG motors are installed at the mine and the port facilities. Know more


Motors for any need

WEG’s portfolio includes a special motor line that can be offered with lower starting current as required by the onshore and offshore app... Know more


New motors for old

WEG custom-made motor replacements can save costs and retain value. Know more


New WEG W22

HIGHER EFFICIENCY ELECTRIC MOTORS exceeding EFF1 levels, yet with lower lifetime costs, have been developed by WEG in its new W22 platform three phase induction range. Other innovative improvements, supported by patent and... Know more

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