WEG S.A. announces to its shareholders and the general market an agreement to acquire control of the startup BirminD, a technology company active in the Artificial Intelligence market applied to Industrial Analytics.

With the closing of the agreement, WEG will own 51% of the share capital of BirminD, with the possibility, provided in the agreement, to increase its participation in the business in the future.

Founded in 2015 in Sorocaba (São Paulo State, Brazil), BirminD is a company that provides industrial optimization solutions focusing on bringing the most advanced concepts of industrial analytics, one of industry 4.0 pillars. The company serves medium and large customers by offering industrial analysis solutions, optimization of control loops and evaluation of the financial return on services even before executing them and without the need for an automation specialist, using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Immediately, customers of motor and inverter asset management system: WEG Motor Fleet Management or from commercialized MES systems, will have services, tools and applications to extract additional information from the database (“data-lakes”) of these software.

Recently WEG announced the acquisition of the startup Mvisia, which specializes in artificial intelligence solutions applied to computer vision for the industry. Now, with the acquisition of BirminD, the company complements its digital ecosystem and starts offering artificial intelligence technologies applied to both images and industrial analytics.