275 MVA 525 kV transformer

WEG recently announced the supply of an electrical BOP for a Wind Farm, in Santa Vitoria do Palmar, state of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil.
Already known as the largest wind farm complex in Latin America, the region was selected in 2015 to be the location of another big project to expand the generation of clean energy throughout the region. This new complex will generate 230 MVA, enough energy to supply 400,000 homes, equivalent to a city of over one million people.

The electrical BOP supplied by WEG includes a 275 MVA 525 kV transformer, which is one of the largest ever manufactured by WEG. The transformer is 16.5 meters long, 6.8 wide, 10.3 high, and weighs 308 tons. "This is the greatest achievement of this project," assures Carlos Diether Prinz, Managing Director of WTD Business Division. "It will be the first transformer rated at 525kV supplied by WEG for a wind farm complex in Brazil."

The commercial operation for this wind farm complex is expected for 2018. However, the plan is that the electrical BOP supplied by WEG will be already available for energizing at the end of 2016.
The 275 MVA 525 kV transformer is being manufactured at the WEG factory in Blumenau, state of Santa Catarina and it is planned to be shipped to the site in May.