WEG CEO, Harry Schmelzer Jr., was one of the elected representatives of “The 100 Most Contributing Executives in Energy” award of 2019, in the Industry category, promoted by Grupo Mídia, a Brazilian company responsible for the publishing of Full Energy magazine. 

The names were selected by an open poll from Fullenergy.net, where the community can openly vote for the most influential in the sector, divided into 10 categories: Energy Efficiency, Sectoral Entities, GTD, Management, Industry, Market and Business, Public Personalities, Quality and Sustainability, Reference, Technology, Research and Innovation.

In addition, the Grupo Mídia research sector has analyzed market data and information scoring the leaders who have done most for Energy over the past twelve months. The Editorial Board of Grupo Mídia and Full Energy Magazine took the final decision.

The WEG Transmission & Distribution Sales Director, Alessandro Augusto Hernandez accepted the award at the event on December 10th  in São Paulo.