For a proper analysis of the vibration spectrum or Fast Fourier Transform (FFTs) of the vibration signal obtained by the accelerometer embedded in the sensors, it is essential to use a versatile tool for data view and advanced analysis, considering the measurements made at different times of operation of the asset. In this way, users can perform analyses similar to those made by experts, streamlining the diagnostics and troubleshooting of faults that produce vibration.

The tool is available in the Management layer of the solution and contains three charts with mutual responsiveness: one three-dimensional (3D or cascade), one two-dimensional (2D) and one of the color map matrix type. These charts enable a dynamic visualization of the FFTs collected by the WEG sensors, allowing different possibilities to analyze the vibration signal.

In addition to interacting with each of the charts, different parameter settings are allowed, such as: selection of specific measurement intervals, selection of the measured vibration axis, automatic and manual selection/setting of the axis scale (amplitude and frequency) and selection of quantity for the color map matrix, such as intensity or amplitude variation.

An advantage of the application is the number of spectrum that can be viewed at the same time. Charts with 100 FFTs are generated quickly (~5 s) and have fluid rendering to cursor interaction events on the three-dimensional chart, and the cursor responsiveness is practically instantaneous, which may vary according to internet speed and settings of the computer in use.

With this feature, the analysis is intuitive, something attractive to users in the stage of familiarization and discoveries with the diagnostics and troubleshooting process based on the vibration signal. To access the resource, simply enter the dashboard of the asset, click on the active section and then FFT. Below, you can see how to handle such functionality is easy and fast, enabling the analysis by all WEG Motion Fleet Management users.

The recent features launched show WEG's commitment to keeping the continuous evolution of its digital solutions. To learn more about the WEG Motion Fleet Management, which employs artificial intelligence for advanced and autonomous analysis, watch the webinar: