Image: W22 IR3 Premium electric motors in Canoinhas Company

Electric energy is one of the main resources used in the industry, just behind raw materials and labor. Based on that, and aiming at the company's sustainable growth and minimization of environmental impacts, Canoinhas Company took part in the Energy Efficiency Program of the National Electric Energy Agency/Santa Catarina State Power Distribution Company (PEE ANEEL/Celesc) in order to reduce the electric energy consumption in its manufacturing plants by modernizing the driving systems.

The project, selected in the Call for Proposals PEE ANEEL/Celesc number 001/2015, comprehended the replacement of 31 old induction motors by high efficiency motors of the WEG W22 IR3 Premium line, with outputs from 25 to 200 cv. The proposal also included implanting speed control for 12 of those motors by means of WEG CFW11 frequency inverters. The great benefit of such combination is the improvement of the supplied power, with direct influence on the consumed power: the savings reach 4.12% a year, which is highly relevant for the company.

The principal goal of Canoinhas Company's participation in the PEE ANEEL/Celesc - with the replacement of the conventional driving system - was mainly to fulfill its commitment to its mission and values, promoting the environmental sustainability. The old motors were disposed according to the environmental legislation in force, all the recyclable material was reused, and the residues were properly discarded. As a complement, the employees of the company had training courses on the rational and safe use of electric energy. The companies in charge of the project and execution were Acxxus Engenharia, from Curitiba, and Videmotores, WEG Technical Assistance.

Focused on the reduction of energy consumption, conservation of environmental resources and incentive to the replacement of old machines by efficient ones, the PEE ANEEL/Celesc invested about R$ 2.1 million, providing savings of 2.355 MWh/year and a demand reduction in the prime power of 274kW. This result is equivalent to the consumption of 11 thousand homes in one month. The implantation of the W22 IR3 Premium high efficiency motors and of the WEG CFW11  frequency inverters prevent the emission of 1,187 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, which is equivalent to the planting of 192 trees.

About Canoinhas Company - It is one of the largest companies in Santa Catarina State and operates in the segments of one ply and two ply toilet paper, kitchen paper towel, napkins and corporate products, using the brands Fofinho, Fofinho Absolute, Bambino, Sorella and Sorella Absolute. In the disposable paper industry since 1983, Canoinhas Paper Company has today more than 630 direct employees in a single manufacturing plant, located in the city of Canoinhas/SC, in addition to representatives and customers all over the country. Canoinhas Company is focused on a Responsible and Sustainable Environmental Management, always investing in new technologies in the area.

About the PEE ANEEL/CELESC – The ANEEL/Celesc Energy Efficiency Program promotes the efficient and rational use of electric energy in all the sectors of the economy by means of projects that display the importance and economic feasibility of actions to fight waste and improve the energy efficiency of equipment, processes and final uses of energy. Therefore, it seeks to maximize the public benefits of the saved energy and of the prevented demand in the scope of those programs, as well as the transformation of the electric energy market, stimulating the development of new technologies and the creation of rational habits and practices in the use of electric energy.