Focused on the trends for the future, WEG innovates by offering a new technology to the Global market of power generation with the acquisition of the Electric Machinery (WEG Group). This achievement allows WEG increasing the generation capacity per machine – until then 62.5 MVA in IV poles – offering II-pole turbogenerators with power up to 150 MVA.

For over a hundred years on the market, the Electric Machinery (WEG Group) is an American company with activities in the power generation, paper and cellulose, oil and gas, air separation, sanitation and mining industries. It has already manufactured over 1000 II-pole turbogenerators, in a total of 20 GW of installed power, since the 50s. This experience attracted WEG, which had already considered the manufacture of this product in its strategic planning. Designed to work together with gas or vapor turbines, the II-pole turbogenerator operates in power generation, expanding the potential of the market. Besides reinforcing its presence on the international market, this acquisition represents a complement to WEG product lines and access to new niches.