To increase sales for specific industry segments have successfully resulted in the supply of two packages medium voltage motors to drive centrifugal pumps for cooling towers in the siderurgy industry sector.

The first batch included 5 pieces of 1220kW, 4 pole, 5500V, 50Hz, frame size HGF500A.
Equally important, the second batch consisted of 2 pieces of 500kW, 4 pole, 5500V, 50Hz, HGF400A, and 2 pieces of 90kW, 4 pole, 5500V, BFG315L.
Intended to replace existing machines from other brands, all these recently supplied motors were sold through CEGELEC, WEG France's distributor, to the end user ARCELOR (13) FOS, which is regarded as the leading company in the siderurgy.'