At WEG, respect for the environment, it is incorporated into our internal management and our relationship with our stakeholders.

Our environmental management is based on preventive measures to environmental challenges, aiming at protecting the environment, where we invest in technologies and in constant improvements of processes through the establishment of environmental goals and targets.

Water scarcity is increasingly worrying on the world stage, encouraging companies to seek action to reduce the consumption of this input and, consequently, to preserve water for future generations.


Currently, our water resources management is realized based on our Environmental Policy and corporate guidelines. Based on these guidelines, each unit defines its environmental goals, as well as the execution of projects that enable them to be achieved.


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Since 2010, WEG has an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions following the methodology of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program. The inventory aims to quantify the emissions, as well as to enable the definition of strategies to improve emissions management and thus cause less environmental impact.


WEG reports information on its management and performance in atmospheric emissions publicly in the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).


In addition to internal management to reduce our impact on atmospheric emissions, we have developed technologies for customers to improve energy efficiency with short-term returns, the generation of renewable energy and the reduction of electricity consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gases.


Scope 1 refers to GHG emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company.



Scope 2 refers to the indirect emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from the acquisition of electric energy.



Reducing electricity consumption is one of the great challenges of the industry.

Aware of the importance of this challenge for the environment and for the economy, we incorporate the energy efficiency in our products and in our energy management, which is carried out in a structured and systematic way.


Since 2011, WEG has one of its plants certified by ISO 50001 (Energy Management System), and in 2014, based on the requirements of such standard, it began the implantation of the Energy Efficiency Program in its plants of the Motor Unit in Brazil. In 2016 the Program was implanted in the Energy Unit (in the city of Jaraguá do Sul/SC, at the company's headquarters), and it is expected to be implanted in the Automation Unit in 2017.


In Brazil the units that participate in the Energy Efficiency Program have goals to reduce the electric energy consumption.


WEG seeks to raise the employees' awareness using different methods, such as training courses and oriented communication, encouraging and promoting good practices in the use of electric energy.


Energy Efficiency Policy

The generation of solid waste is an intrinsic part of the productive processes of the companies. We do not regard them as trash, debris or materials devoid of value or use. The waste generated by a company is a compound of its raw materials, acquired at a great cost, which were not processed and should now be discarded in order to generate the least environmental impact.

By properly managing their waste, companies improve their efficiency (generating less waste while production increases) and ensure the best destination for those who should eventually be destined:


Recycling is a serious subject for WEG, extended up to business. By means of the program for reusing electric motors, the “Exchange Plan”, the company has granted a discount on the purchase of a new motor with performance above the law requirements in exchange for a used one. Besides the financial benefit to the customers, the initiative ensures that the low-efficiency motor is no longer used. Once collected by the company, the motors are dismantled and separated into parts for distribution to accredited and tracked recyclers.



  • Reduction of electric energy consumption

  • Reliability of the plant

  • Reduction of operating costs

  • Factory Warranty

  • Standard products - offer complete interchangeability with motors already installed


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