Six large WEG motors were installed on an oil platform off the coast of Ghana, in a staggered schedule from late 2020 through 2022. The electric motors for these applications comply with IEC standards and associated hazardous area specifications, which certify equipment for use in explosive atmospheres. Considering the severe marine environment, all the motors were supplied with tough epoxy paint and IP65 degree of protection.

In addition, the motors are cooled by an IC81W air-water heat exchanger, the air is circulated through the motor base where the rotor and stator generate the most heat. A heat exchanger then extracts the heat from the internal circuit air flowing through it.

Six large Master line motors were selected for this application. Four 9,500 kW, frame size 800 and two 7,000 kW, frame size 710, the largest weighing 23 tons. Due to the limited capacity of the oil platform’s crane, all motors were shipped disassembled as components for on-site assembly.

For this, all components were packed separately, with special care to protect the rotor, as it is a critical item. The packages were shipped and stored at the customer in Ghana before being taken to the offshore oil platform.

Despite the interruptions caused by Covid-19 and the challenging logistical conditions, Zest WEG, subsidiary on the African continent, had successfully supplied, tested and installed these motors. Initially, Covid-19 also made it impossible for the customer to be physically present at the factory in Brazil and, in order to maintain the delivery schedule, WEG's virtual inspection system was used.

WEG technicians assembled the electric motors on the oil platform, including the various electrical and hydraulic connections and piping.