WEG has just launched to the market the first version of the WMR (WEG Mobile Robot), an autonomous robot that aims to improve the operational efficiency of activities carried out in industries that require internal transport.

Developed to optimize processes that normally require repetitive efforts in production, the new WEG robot is an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) system, known for its unique strategy of natural navigation or contour that, using methods such as SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping), It performs autonomous navigation, avoiding dynamic obstacles on its route and automatically re-plans alternate routes when blocking situations are identified.

“The launch of this innovative product is one of the company's strategies to bring a differential to the industry in terms of efficiency gains. The equipment is powered purely by electricity and batteries, which means that it will allow additional gains in the consumption of resources for our clients, who are already aligned with industry 4.0 technologies”, highlights Carlos José Bastos Grillo, WEG Digital & Systems Managing Director.

The collision prevention safety system is one of the differentials of the product, which makes it viable for the transport and movement of loads in areas shared with operators. Furthermore, the product comes with accessories such as battery, joystick, and charging station.

The customer can also monitor and command the robot fleet through the Robot Fleet Management software, which is capable of integrating AMR-type robots of different brands and models. The tool also allows to create scenario simulations, analysis of possible conflicts, management of multiple users, independence from manufacturers, integration with the WEGnology® IoT platform and other applications such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System).