The execution of several infrastructure works all over the country begins boosting the electric delivery vehicle fleet in Brazil, mainly in areas away from large cities. Major increase of this fleet is related to the so-called last mile, which is the last logistics step before reaching the end user in beverage, e-commerce, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

In February, the first phase of the electrification project for Ambev's fleet, the largest in Brazil, began operations. There are 250 electric delivery trucks running in 18 different Brazilian cities. Ambev´s goal is to have 50% of its fleet consisted of electric delivery trucks by 2025.

Acquisition of vehicles, design details and installation of WEG's charging stations were carried out by TB Green as the integrator of clean energy solutions. “We investigated the requirements and challenges of our customers business in order to develop a specific solution. In partnership with Mega W, our own resources and a group of suppliers, such as WEG, Volkswagen and JAC Motors, among others, we designed whatever was required to be customized by these delivery trucks,” says Carlos Augusto Serra Roma, TB Green Director.

Ambev's fleet will be recharged with WEG fast charging stations, named WEMOB Station 60 line, which is developed and manufactured in Brazil and duly approved by Volkswagen Truck & Bus. In addition to being compact, efficient and safe, WEG´s charging stations count on a broad technical support and service network and are regarded as a reliable option for those companies that intend to go for electric mobility.

“WEG is entirely aligned with Brazil´s strategy of expanding the electric mobility business. In reference to this specific project we are well engaged, first through the partnership with Volkswagen that resulted in designing the e-Delivery vehicle with WEG Powertrain, and now being selected by TB Green to also supply the WEMOB Station fast charging stations,” explains Manfred Peter Johann, Managing Director of WEG Automation Business Unit.