WEG has just launched the PLC410 programmable logic controller to the market. This new controller is a versatile solution in industrial automation that can be applied in various industrial sectors, including pulp and paper, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, sugar and alcohol, among others. However, its main field of application lies in the equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the industry, such as, packaging machines, labelers, filling machines and etc.

This launch represents a significant milestone for WEG in the programmable controller market, marking a technological evolution since the launch of the PLC500, now complemented by the PLC410 line.

The PLC410 is destined to become the brains of automation in customers' machines and equipment. With it, developers can create advanced process programming logic using CODESYS® programming software.

Like the PLC500 and the RUW100 line of remote IOs, the PLC410 is built on a multi-product platform. This allows for the exchange of MOD line IO expansion cards, providing customers with unprecedented flexibility and inventory savings by eliminating the need for a line-specific card.

This new controller supports up to 208 IOs locally, and has the Modbus RTU/TCP, CANopen, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT protocols as standard. In addition, it is WEG IoT Ready, which means that it has several services and protocols such as MQTT, aimed at meeting some of the needs of industry 4.0.

Now, WEG customers can count on a product that offers even greater cost-effectiveness, combining high performance in hardware with an advanced programming logic development platform provided by CODESYS®.