Based on their expertise from over 36 years of sea expeditions, the Shurmann Family have given their contributions to the nations and people to raise awareness about marine pollution.  

As their most recent initiative, the Schurmann family has been leading a worldwide campaign to raise awareness to minimize pollution in the oceans called Voice of the Oceans

Departing for an 18-month expedition from Brazil to the oceans of the world, the Voice of the Oceans, supported by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), will witness and record, from the family’s sailboat, what they see in the oceans and in remote parts of the world, looking specifically to document plastic pollution. 

For full safety and protection during the entire expedition, their sustainable sailboat, named Kat, is duly painted with WEG paints.

"Voice of the Oceans" is expected to cover up to 40 strategic locations on the planet, including Fernando de Noronha in Brazil, New York in the USA, Islands in the Pacific Ocean and New Zealand. It will also sail to the areas known as "gyres", where marine currents converge and cluster a collection of plastic debris carried by the sea currents from around the world.