Mr. Décio da Silva, President of the WEG Board of Directors, who has been awarded the Executivo de Valor (Executive of Value) for five consecutive years, was one of the people honored at the event.

“I am more than being happy to receive this award in such a special manner,” said Mr da Silva. “I am also happy to see that WEG’s goals continue to be pursued: proof of this is that Harry Schmelzer Junior, the current president of the company, has received two Executivo de Valor awards in his two year mandate.”

The event, held on 13th April, brought together businessmen and politicians. Among those present were President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Dilma Rousseff, ex-minister and Worker’s Party candidate for president, Sérgio Cabral, governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Guido Mantega of the Ministry of Finance, Miguel Jorge of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, and Henrique Meirelles, president of Banco Central.

Luiz Frias, president of Grupo Folha and João Roberto Marinho, vice president of Organizações Globo were also present. Among the eight businessmen receiving awards was Wilson Ferreira Junior, president of CPFL and now member of the WEG Board of Directors, appointed at the board meeting held on 27 April.

List of people honored at the event:

Décio da Silva (WEG)

Roger Agnelli (Vale)

Roberto Setubal (Itaú-Unibanco)

Jorge Gerdau (Gerdau)

Marcio Utsch (Alpargatas)

Antonio Maciel Neto (Suzano)

Wilson Ferreira Júnior (CPFL)

José Carlos Grubisich (ETH).