Investing in education is investing in the future. It is about preparing new generations for the challenges and opportunities that will arise in the world of tomorrow. In order to contribute to a safer and more efficient environment in educational institutions, WEG offers a range of solutions for energy supply.

Recently, Vokkan, a company that develops sustainable and intelligent ecosystems through real estate businesses in Santa Catarina, counted on WEG to supply two dry transformers to operate in the Bom Jesus school substation, located in Vivapark Porto Belo, the first neighborhood park in Brazil, an innovative project that has more than 138,000 m² of green area.

The two dry-type transformers of 112.5kVA and 750kVA of power will play an important role in the institution's substation, supplying energy reliably and efficiently, through the use of ambient air as a means of cooling and also insulating its windings and other components, transmitting comfort and safety for the school’s operation.

Considering the strong appeal to minimize environmental impact and fire risks, WEG dry-type transformers are ideal for environments that need to save space, as they are compact, provide low installation costs and easy maintenance.