The food and beverage sector plays a crucial role in meeting the growing demands of the global population, aiming for quality, safety, and sustainability in production.

In this context, companies are investing in innovative solutions to optimize their operations, as seen with BRF, one of the world's largest food companies and a leader in the Brazilian sector. They recently signed a contract with WEG for the provision of the WEGmotion Drives Operation Center service. This system is based on the WEG Motion Fleet Management software solution and WEGscan intelligent sensors.

A long-time partner of WEG, BRF chose WEG's asset management solution, WEG Motion Fleet Management (MFM), to monitor key industrial assets across its 42 plants, reinforcing trust in WEG solutions.

The implementation of this technology aims to optimize industrial maintenance, directly assisting maintenance professionals and providing significant gains in efficiency, availability, and reliability of assets, resulting in substantial savings for this vital industry sector.

The impact of this solution on the customer’s daily operations is tangible, with data-driven decision-making, increased safety for maintenance professionals (reducing MHER - man-hours exposed to risk), effective adoption of predictive maintenance, stocks optimization and purchases of spare parts.

WEG stands out in applying IoT technology for Industry 4.0, innovatively digitizing industrial maintenance processes. This relatively new market advantage represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of greater efficiency and competitiveness.

The potential return on investment (ROI) for BRF, achieved through reduced unplanned downtime, decreased corrective maintenance, and optimized spare parts procurement, was a key factor in formalizing the contract in an innovative model in the asset management market, encompassing the supply of hardware and software as a service (HSaaS).

Initial results have already been obtained, identifying a potential failure that could have caused significant losses with unplanned downtime. In addition to software notifications, the company received a detailed technical report on the potential failure with precise recommendations for planning the intervention on the asset.

WEG reiterates its ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, continually striving to exceed customer expectations. This partnership is another significant step in consolidating intelligent maintenance, capable of generating measurable results and driving the food industry, with a direct impact on the tables of the millions of people who consume BRF's products daily.

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About BRF:

One of the world's largest food companies, BRF operates in over 127 countries. Its purpose is to offer increasingly tasty and convenient food for people and their pets worldwide through sustainable management of a vibrant, long, and complex chain that provides a better life for everyone, from the field to the table. Owner of iconic brands such as Sadia, Perdigão, and Qualy, the company is guided by fundamental commitments to safety, quality, and integrity. BRF bases its strategy on a long-term vision, aiming to create value for its over 100,000 employees worldwide, more than 300,000 customers, and approximately 10,000 integrated partners in Brazil, all shareholders, and society.