WEG announces new investments for its motor manufacturing plant located in Manaus, Brazil.

The Company will invest R$ 48 million, in the next three years, to expand production capacity and adapt the plant to produce a new line of permanent magnet electric motors for split-type air conditioners.

According to Julio Cesar Ramires, Managing Director of Commercial and Appliance Business Unit, the investment will allow the production of a high-efficiency variable speed motors line, aligned with the new technologies that the company already produces for other applications in Brazil and abroad.

“This investment marks an important advance for the Air Conditioning segment in Brazil, bringing an evolution to the air conditioning devices used in homes, offices and commercial spaces. We will also contribute significantly to meeting the increasing levels of energy efficiency established for split-type air conditioners in the coming years in Brazil”, explains the executive.

With the launch of the new line of motors, which bring greater energy efficiency aligned with low noise in a single solution, WEG also hopes to contribute to raising the performance standard in the national Air Conditioning industry.

“This innovation presents a state-of-the-art solution that WEG already has in its products for industrial and commercial markets around the world. The Company promises a more economical, silent and reliable operation, which will bring more thermal comfort to users as well as a more sustainable operation as a whole”, complements Ramires.

WEG's factory in Manaus currently has 5,250 m² of built area and has a production capacity of approximately 3.5 million electric motors per year. Following the investments, the unit will increase its workforce in the region by 25%.