As companies increasingly seek sustainable initiatives, WEG emerges as a valuable partner to help achieve these goals. The Industrial Company of Synthetic Resins (CIRES), located in Avanca, Portugal, has trusted WEG technology to incorporate a new, more sustainable mobility model for its fleet by acquiring electric vehicle charging stations from the WEMOB (WEG Electric Mobility) WALL line.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the WEMOB line features a modern and compact design. The 7.4 kW WALL model can be installed in single-phase and two-phase networks. It includes Wi-Fi connectivity, signaling LEDs, online connectivity via the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), energy measurement functions, and smart charging capabilities.

The supply includes two authentication solutions: the first through WEMOB-RFID cards and the second through the WEMOB EV Drivers mobile application (available for Android or iOS), both managed by the WEMOB Station Fleet Management platform. This WEG platform allows for the accessible and intuitive management of access and energy consumed by each user.

With this acquisition, CIRES will be able to reduce emissions from its operation, putting into practice the energy transition and contributing to a more efficient and sustainable world.

For WEG, this supply represents the trust that industry-leading companies place in the company's solutions, demonstrating its expertise in technology, sustainability, efficiency, speed, and the safety its equipment provides.