With equipment for the most diverse applications, WEG has integrated solutions for the naval segment. They are state-of-the-art, reliable, efficient, flexible and technological products and services. In addition, it has alternatives that help in the sustainability of the client's business. It was with this objective in mind that WEG participated in the design of an oil tanker designed by Agemar, a company specialized in highly complex logistics operations, which developed a ship with the objective of ensuring greater safety in fuel transport. 

The ship has a double bottom and side and in case of leakage, the fuel is inside the second hull, protecting the environment and ensuring transport and supply process even more safe. The ship also has modern navigation instruments and certifications issued by international entities. With 40 meters long, it has the capacity to transport 440 thousand liters. 

For this oil tanker, WEG has supplied two synchronous alternators of the GTK line, frame 280, 90 kVA, responsible for generating energy for the entire ship. They are special equipment, with IP56 degree of protection, developed for aggressive environments, where the product robustness and quality are determining factors for the application. With cast iron frame, it guarantees protection against weather and corrosion, ensuring longer life for the alternators.