In a scenario where sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly crucial for the environment and the conscious development of the industry, WEG keeps its commitment to reducing the carbon emission generated by the company and improving the energy performance of its equipment by replacing old motors with more efficient solutions in their factories.

Continuing with the Energy Efficiency Project, the W22 IR3 Premium motor was replaced with a 4 kW WECM (Electronically Commutated Motor WEG) motor, installed on the cooling tower fan of the resin ovens at industrial park II in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina State.

The air moved by efficiency

The WECM line, permanent magnet motors driven by an integrated VSD, achieves a performance much higher than the current IR3, being a complete and versatile solution for motor fan applications.

The supply represents significant savings in several aspects. In this application, the WECM motor provided electrical energy savings of nearly 50%, in addition to a reduction of around 190 kgCO2e/year* and lower water consumption in the cooling tower, as it was possible to optimize the fan operating speed.

In a market that increasingly demands the reduction of carbon emissions and lower operational costs, WECM stands out as an efficient and sustainable solution.

With WEG at the forefront of technology, WECM is not just another motor, but a fundamental item in building a cleaner and more conscious future.

*According to the Brazilian SIN emission factor—With measurement conducted on the cooling tower fan of the factory's resin ovens, industrial park II in 2022: 0.0426 tCO2e/MWh.