Manufactured with the best epoxy resin available in the market, WEG dry-type transformers are compact products ideal for environments that require space efficiency. They offer low installation costs, no risk of explosion, no fire propagation, and easy maintenance.

The meticulous selection of these transformers takes into account the need to ensure reliability in power supply to meet the diverse demands of a modern event center, such as the case of Anhembi District, one of the largest event centers in Latin America, located in São Paulo, Brazil. This space allows for the simultaneous hosting of conferences, corporate events, sports events, festivals, shows, fairs, and exhibitions.

Critical for the success of these demands, the project is equipped with 17 WEG dry-type transformers, with power ratings from 750 to 2,000 kVA, and voltage of 13.8 kV, totaling 19,250 kVA of installed power. These products were designed to offer energy efficiency and reliability, in addition to not containing insulating fluids with potential environmental impact or emission of toxic gases, contributing to environmental conservation.

Stability in power supply is essential in event spaces for various reasons, primarily related to safety, proper equipment operation, and ensuring the success of events. To guarantee the efficient transmission of electrical energy from a source to a system or device, WEG transformers, whether oil-filled or dry-type, play a fundamental role.

With extensive experience in transformer manufacturing, WEG also counts with a network of Authorized Service Centers distributed throughout Brazil and around the world, ensuring the provision of fast service and local technical support to WEG customers. It's WEG reliability available for environments that demand installation safety.