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New trimmer with beltless geared pivot saw arm

With the E-CUT 200, the Springer Group, an Austrian specialist in machinery and conveying systems for the timber industry, offers timber ... Know more


WEG Acquired a Motor and Gearbox Factory in Europe

WEG announces the acquisition of a German electric motor and gearbox company. Know more


WEGeuro Manufactured the first HGF 630C 12 pole Motors for Watt Drive

The first 3 HGF 630C motors where recently manufactured by WEGeuro for LMF Austria. Know more


Sky Glider – flying, free as a bird with Watt Drive's geared motor

The flying adventure of special class is powered by a WATT helical geared motor. Know more


WATT MAS Drives for Spiral Pipe Manufacturing

Watt Drive delivered the entire drive technique for large-diameter pipe plant. Know more


WEG showcases integrated geared motor solutions for power transmission applications up to 20,000Nm

WEG has enhanced ability to provide complete integrated solutions for power transmission applications with the WATT range of gear units a... Know more


WEG acquires the European company Watt Drive

Watt Drive acquisition enhances product portfolio and reinforces WEG’s presence in power transmition Know more

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