WEG has just made an important supply to LEWA, a company based in Germany and established as one of the world's leading manufacturers of diaphragm pumps, process pumps, and complete measuring systems. The package includes 20 units of AFW11 panels, along with 150kW and 185kW electric motors.

The sets will be installed on an offshore platform, meeting specific end-user requirements. The supply is a testimony of WEG´s expertise of offering customized solutions for each project, focusing on the needs of the end user, and with the flexibility of matching panels and electric motors produced by the company.

Among the different features on the project, the WHF filter (WEG Harmonic Filter), which aims to meet the requirements of low harmonic distortion, according to IEEE519 recommendations, is highlighted. In addition, the panels were manufactured in stainless steel SS316, which is suitable for aggressive environment applications, without the need of special protection paint. The supply also has a filter installed at the output of the CFW11 frequency drive to reduce noise generated by the long cable length between the drive and the motor. This ensures extended lifetime for the electric motor insulation and reduction of possible bearing currents.

The electric motors are classified as Premium Efficiency and are designed and manufactured according to IEEE841 Standard, with dedicated and important features for the customer application, such as; special accessory terminal boxes, provision for vibration detectors, insulated non-drive end bearing, stainless steel fixing bolts, and special painting.

The project was developed through an important partnership between the subsidiary of WEG in Germany - WEG Germany - and the LEWA technical team, making the necessary adjustments to allow the products to meet the customer requirements. The result was the supply of a complete solution, including electric motors and frequency drives mounted in panels, ideal for offshore application.